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welcome to is a web hosting project providing free space to nonprofits, community organizers, and others working to help the world, regardless of politics. We fund this work by offering inexpensive hosting options to individuals and businesses on a one-to-one basis: when you sign up for a hosting plan, you are in effect "sponsoring" free hosting for a community service group from our waiting list. Whether you're looking to effect global change, or just trying to find a great deal on quality hosting service, you've come to the right place.
We provide world-class hosting services and unlimited tech support. What other host accepts barter as payment? Actually cares about what you're doing? Offers real advice on your web development questions, without trying to sell you a thing? Welcome home.

$7.00/month gets you 500 MB space on our secure, high-speed server with a backbone connection to the Internet.

Just need a personal site/blog?
$3.00/month (paid quarterly) buys 200 MB... and the rumors are true: we'll happily install & set up your blog/journal software for you!

Sponsored accounts enjoy all of the same features as commercial ones, and we match this offering with free tech consulting and software specifically tailored to the unique needs of those using the internet to bring about real-life change. We can give you advice on creating community portals, maintaining discussion & announcement lists, and even suggest outreach strategies to help get your message heard. We consider ourselves proud members of the global nonprofit tech community, and have extensive experience in facing the hurdles specific to your work.

sign up!

Email to learn more and sign up for a sponsored account.

All accounts include:

  • The CPANEL administration tool, allowing you to take complete control of your account. Install message boards and search engines, track visitors to your site, manage user accounts and more with a single mouse click.

  • Unlimited domains (, subdomains (, FTP users, MySQL databases... all that stuff other companies might charge for.

  • Unlimited discussion lists (listservs), POP email addresses, SpamAssassin filtering and a web-based email interface for when you're out on adventures.

  • Free access to a wide variety of software packages.

    ...and yes, we've got perl, php, and everything you'll need to run Moveable Type, WordPress, PHPNuke, or just about anything else you might be interested in. We'll even install open-source software for you, free! Contact tech support whenever you want... in fact, we'll give you our online chat ID and our toll-free emergency pager number.

    Ready to go? You're only three steps away.
    Create your account, arrange payment, then set up your domain.

    Need a custom plan? Want to pay by check? Prefer to barter goods or services for web space, or can't afford $3/month?
    Email us to work it out.

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