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Terms and Conditions: To protect ourselves and you, there are certain things you can't do as a member of our community. By signing up, you agree to these conditions, and understand that if there's any question about your behavior while using our services, we have the right to cancel your membership after a reasonable attempt has been made to contact you. In the event of a violation, you will recieve a prorated refund on the balance of your account.

  • You may not use Vesana.com for illegal purposes: That includes hacking, warez, and publishing anything you don't own the copyright for. Maybe information was meant to be free, but US law may hold us responsible if you're distributing something that doesn't legally belong to you*. Besides, it takes up loads of bandwidth. Be creative! Make your own movie/ music/ software. Why not create something better than the corporate product, and give that away? If you're displaying copyrighted material in a manner that you believe to be fair use, contact us at billing@vesana.com to work it out.
    *our DMCA statement is available here
  • No Spam: We define spam as unsolicited bulk email. Doesn't matter if it's commercial or performance art. Zero tolerance- we get a verifiable complaint, you're kicked without warning and we ban your IP. Do not pass Go. Do not collect email addresses, unless they're opt-in.
  • No Porn: No matter how you feel about it, it's often copyrighted, and always a huge load on our servers. If you have a photo/ illustration/ literary/ bodyart portfolio or parody site that could concievably be considered pornographic, contact us at billing@vesana.com first. Violators may be kicked without warning.
  • No Hate Speech: Our mission is to give everyone a voice, acknowledging that when diversity and creativity converge in an atmosphere of mutual respect, only good things can happen. If you feel differently, well, we understand that you have an opinion, and we enjoy that in this medium people have an opportunity to hear all sorts of perspectives- but we will not facilitate the propagation of language designed to limit or injure the rights of another. We will attempt to contact you regarding violations, but reserve the right to kick & ban those who do not comply. If you have questions regarding this policy, please email us: billing@vesana.com.

  • Indemnification: Hey, we provide a top-notch service, quality equipment, and make regular backups of the entire server. You understand that, and agree to hold us harmless for any losses that result from your membership. In other words- we're doing our best, but it's an imperfect world, and you should keep local copies of everything.
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