Why do you use PayPal? What if I don't want to?

We outsource our credit card processing to protect us both and save you money.
Building a system for Internet credit card transactions is a complicated process fraught with security and logistical considerations, and even once the technology is in place, the hassle of dealing with fraud and chargebacks is monumental. Even if a business is willing to take this risk (or pass on the cost of a turnkey solution to customers), most banks charge higher percentages for Internet merchant rates. The few that don't are massive corporate entities- the kinds of banks that love practices like predatory lending, socially irresponsible investment, and driving the few remaining independent financial institutions into the ground. In short, ruthless juggernauts we'd rather not support.

Paypal charges us 3% plus $.30 for each transaction. That's the lowest commission we could find. So, for every month of pro service you pay at $7, we get $6.49. That's how we manage to keep our prices down while ensuring that we'll be around for a long, long time. It's also why we charge blog accounts quarterly (thirty cents can add up pretty quick).

They have an entire department dedicated to fraud- if you try to use a stolen or generated credit card number, you will be caught. If you steal someone else's PayPal password to use our service, you will be caught. And likewise, that fraud department is your guarantee that we're not some fly-by-night operation harvesting your financial information. In fact, using their system, we'll never even see your credit card number.

We want to spend our time and money making your experience the very best possible. That's why we exist. We're not out to become millionaires. We don't even keep our profit- we reinvest it in the service, and use it to develop free resources for those in need. Helping people realize their electronic dreams is what we do, and PayPal helps us focus our energies entirely on that process.

If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, by barter, or by cash (in New York City and Washington, DC only), please submit the membership form with this preference indicated in the "comments" field. You can close the window or navigate elsewhere when you arrive at the PayPal site. A Billing Team member will contact you to work something out.

Can't afford our rates? We may be able to help you find sources of funding, or arrange alternate payment schemes. Limited sponsorship opportunities are also available. Contact billing@vesana.com for more information.

Want to stay anonymous? We can create an account without personal contact info or logging, and even offer some suggestions on how to protect your identity online- but first, we'll need to have a long and very serious conversation to understand why you feel it's necessary. Anonymous accounts have much stricter guidelines regarding what types of content are prohibited, and we monitor them more closely for violations of those guidelines.

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